beauty is born from philosophy
people, products, stories.


We don’t post the latest releases or what’s trending in the YouTube beauty community (though we’re surely aware and intrigued). Instead we focus on introducing you to new and alternative brands by showcasing the people, philosophies, and consumer stories behind the products. We know you like to be conscious and intentional about what you’re using and who you’re supporting, but we also understand the amount of time that goes into researching brands. Purchasing a lip gloss you saw from a new brand on Instagram shouldn’t mean 3+ hours of research on their backstory. No worries. We did the legwork for you, our team loves research.


You! And your best friend. And the girl that works at Starbucks. And the Instagram influencer who just flew to Italy for fashion week. And your mother and her best friend. And the woman who just started a cosmetics line from her kitchen. We feature people. No matter the clout. No matter the following. We absolutely loathe the term ‘real women’ so instead we say we feature the actual people who make up this community. If you read Siren Black we want you to be on Siren Black. Simple as that.


Our stories are open conversations. In short our articles are as follows: non-cheesy, slightly emotional, with a tinge of editorial aesthetic written with an air of casualty. We don’t like ‘gimmicky’ content, or articles done for the sole sake of boosting SEO rankings. We discuss philosophies on beauty from a multitude of diverse perspectives. We give women an open mic and allow them to talk about how they found their way to what they deem ‘beautiful’ whether it’s through genetics, childhood experiences, physiological conditioning, or the environment in which they live. We understand your journey to your most beautiful and confident self is sacred and not some in-the-moment, throwaway clickbait gimmick simply meant to boost traffic rankings. So we never treat it as such. Each story is told, recorded, and edited with the utmost care.



Siren Black really came out of a need to simply explore something different. To introduce new narratives, new products, new ways of thinking into the philosophy of beauty.

Whatever your approach to beauty, whether it be trend, All Natural, Minimal, Dramatic, Conscious, etc. Siren Black isn’t about which beauty gang you fit into. We’re more focused on how you got to that philosophy. We want to know your relationship with products, and the sentimental stories behind why Ponds will forever be in your beauty cabinet (because your Grandma swore by it) or why shea butter makes you emotional. And if you don’t have a defined personal beauty philosophy? No worries. We hope combing through our community will help you explore your relationship between who you are and how you harness beauty to present that woman to the world.

“I kind of love the idea women rejecting things. Anything really, but I love the idea of women rejecting what industries (especially the beauty industry) pushes on us. There’s spaces online for when we feel likes being product junkies, or skincare snobs, or luxury fiends, but what about when we just want to read stories about women who looked at all those spaces, shook her head, packed her things and said “No, that’s not for me. I choose something different.”